RETRAK – Inspiring Street Children

Retrak Teacher accepting a cash donation from Project Pencil Case

Retrak is located in the heart of The Addis Ababa Mercato (reputedly the largest market place of Africa) which is also one of the poorest and most densely populated areas of the city.  Retrak caters specifically to boys on the street – who arrive by bus from the provinces expecting to find the streets of Addis paved in gold…..This small center is literally no more than a corrugated iron shelter with only the most basic ammenities but offers a welcome refuge for these lost boys many of whom have escaped abusive homes.  Retrak has a primary goal of repatriating these boys where possible or fostering them if the home life is unsuitable.  On their road to recovery Retrake ensures that they ultimately enroll back in school and provide basic education until this is possible.

I have personally met some of the boys and know the incredible journeys they have taken and have witnessed how Retrak changes the lives for these boys on the street who otherwise would get no second chance.


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