Period Poverty

An average of 51% of young girls routinely drop out of school in Ethiopia, not because they want to but due to their monthly cycle and lack of sanitary pads … this is what stops them. It is known as Period Poverty. So…. routinely girls will miss several days of school every month….

75% of Ethiopian women and girls do not have access to proper menstrual products and 25% simply lack the funds… The social stigma and poor hygiene surrounding the monthly cycle the most natural thing in a young woman’s life, affects girls severely especially girls who live in remote rural areas….

Working with our local Ethiopian partner Arakele, we make reusable washable sanitary pads (terry towel insert) which we donate to girls in need.

It costs just 4 gbp for one Sanitary Towel: the terry insert can be removed to wash and the pad has a waterproof lining – providing a girl with 3 pads would mean one to wear, one as a spare and one to wash.

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