Period Poverty

An average of 51% of young girls routinely drop out of school in Ethiopia, not because they want to but due to their monthly cycle and lack of sanitary pads … known as Period Poverty. Consequently, y girls will miss several days of school every month….

75% of Ethiopian women and girls do not have access to proper menstrual products and 25% simply lack the funds…

Working with our local social enterprise Ethiopian partner Arakele, we produce reusable washable sanitary pads/towels for distribution to girls in need working directly through local councils and organizations.

Introducing Zena Period kits – Zena means Relax in Amharic and our kits provide girls with a relaxed and discreet way to manage their monthly cycles….

Using a reusable (easy to wash and quick to dry) pad is also better for the environment.

Help a girl to relax with a ZENA KIT





4 pads in one recycled fabric bag:

One to Wear, Two as Spare and One to Wash pads snap comfortably under pants

It costs just 5 gbp 6 euros or 7 usd per Zena kit


International Donations can be paid quickly and securely through Paypal or by Credit Card:


If you would prefer to make a deposit to our Project Pencil Case UK Bank account

The Co-Operative Bank

Name of Account: Project Pencil Case

Account Number: 65529335

Sort Code: 08-92-99

For deposits from overseas:

IBAN – GB70 CPBK 089299 65529335



You may send pound sterling checks directly to


9 Park Avenue, Scarborough, YO 124AG  (the funds will be transferred to Ethiopia)

Thank You Very Much for your Kind Support!

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