Project Pencil Case continually raises funds to support students in need with basic school supplies including  back packs, solar lights, pencil cases and uniforms.
Any amount is welcome – these are the costs of what we provide:
My Little Sun solar light costs 15 pounds
School Uniform costs 25 pounds (plus 10 for shoes)
(Produced by social enterprise partner Arakele)
Back Packs cost 15 pounds
(Produced by social enterprise partner Arakele)
Pencil Case cost 5 pounds for case (Add 5 pounds for contents: pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener ruler)
(Pencil Case is produced by social enterprise partner Arakele and contents sourced locally)
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Donations are always gratefully received through Paypal (secure donation button below)

If you would prefer to make a deposit to our Project Pencil Case UK Bank account, please send us an email and we will provide you with the bank details

Thank You very much for your Kind Support!