Project Pencil Case can place volunteers within schools in Addis Ababa.  If you would like to volunteer your time – whether weeks or months do CONTACT us.

Volunteer teaching is very rewarding and enriching and if you can spare the time (and money) it will be an unforgettable experience!

If you are a volunteer, the only real qualification you need is to be a native English speaker or to be able to speak and write English fluently!  In some cases, a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) or similar certificate will be beneficial but not essential. Teachers in Ethiopia earn their way up the ladder – for example trainee teachers at Teacher Training College, earn credits towards their diploma by teaching summer school classes and so teaching summer school here benefits both teacher and class (usually much smaller than normal school year class sizes).

For a rewarding holiday with a difference, consider a Volunteer Value Experience here in Ethiopia!

In addition to placing you in a school and within a setting that would most suit you, we can also offer you a complete One Stop Travel Service – for one inclusive fee (which you can pay in USD, Pounds or Euros), PPC can provide you with a memorable experience – from airport collection (and drop off) to hosting you in safe and comfortable accommodation,  arranging all transport as well as offering ALTERNATIVE ADDIS AND BEYOND tours which include trips to observe local cooperatives (where you can make ethical purchases) and out of Addis day or overnight sightseeing trips before or after your Volunteering.  PPC also works with local tour operators (managed and run by Ethiopians thereby directly helping Ethiopia and Ethiopians) and particularly supports Community Based Tourism.

We welcome teachers and librarians, university students gap year students and retirees with time on their lands throughout the year. Or perhaps you are a professional wanting a gap year or you are in between jobs.  Just being able to just speak English with a willingness to help primary school students with reading and writing or creative play is enough. Interacting with the students and conversing in English beyond the textbook learning that they receive is very much needed and appreciated – kids you encounter always love to show off their English skills! And secondary schools teach all subjects in English so becoming proficient in primary school is very important to the success of students in secondary school.

Project Pencil Case works as a partner with a new Social Enterprise providing Vocational training in Sewing and Embroidery for Marginalised Young Girls and Women and if you have skills in sewing, embroidery, patchwork etc – it would be great for you to come and share your expertise as a Volunteer! Many of the  scholarship girls have failed high school and also attend night school so that they can retake their school exams so it is possible that you could provide these girls with homework help as well … ARAKELE VOCATIONAL TRAINING – PPC PARTNERSHIP WITH SOCIAL ENTERPRISE!

We want to make the experience for you as enjoyable and enriching as possible and so we can work with you on a program to suit your specific interests.


Arabella Stewart                                           Mikele Goitom