Bazen Complete Primary School

School Librarian and books....
Mikele Goitom (PPC) and Brzaf Abebe School Director
Students welcoming PPC

Bazen Complete Primary School is a delightfully inspiring school. The school is located in the western part of the historical northern city of Axum and is named after an early Axumite Emperor.  The school caters to a primarily agricultural community.  This modest government school is considered a model school in Axum because it has received the same funding as other local schools but it is how these resources have been used that sets it apart.

At the head of the school is Brzaf Abebe who has been a teacher for 18 years, the last five as the Director of Bazen School.  She is a caring individual who makes each student feel worthwhile and is dedicated to enriching the lives of her students.

Arabella Stewart presenting 1000 ETB to School Director Brzat Abebe

This school has many needs – library requires books and shelves and a proper school gate as well as more buildings to be used as classrooms.

Bazen Primary School Rustic Gate

Despite clear evidence of what this school has achieved, their needs remain substantial. The children I met as always were charming and eager to learn.

Inspiring English Teacher Tirewerk Zewdie with Arabella Stewart

Within this Model School however, you will find Tirewerk Zewdie who is the Model Teacher!  With few books and no practical teaching aids and resources, this teacher has been amazingly innovative. Along with her students she has literally created her own creative teaching aids – all beautifully handcrafted by the students themselves!



Student created recycled plastic plant


A plant for example created from green and yellow plastic – a unique form or recycling.





Because the class lacks textbooks, this teacher teaches English using practical methods – with a model shop and hospital again using student created props.  The students engage in role playing which makes learning English not only educational but fun too.

Teacher and students engaged in Model Shop English class


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