My Little Angels School

MY LITTLE ANGELS KG & PRIMARY SCHOOL is located in the Sidist Kilo district of Addis Ababa and caters to a nearby student population in the North part of the city.

The schools founder, principal and owner, Mrs. Ruthie Assefa aims to provide affordable and quality education to all students which has been her objective since the school opened in 2005.

The ongoing projections are to extend the school feeding program and scholarship program; improve teaching aids and the schools physical state; form after school tutorial programs; provide educational tools, nourishment and academic support for the students who need extra help. The academic focus of the school is science, maths and English language which helped the student enrolment increase by 25% just at the end of the first month of operation.

Through project-based learning, My Little Angels KG & Primary School  students tackle the academic curriculum in ways that are engaging, meaningful and adaptable using a variety of methods and making learning fun.   The vision for My Little Angels is that with quality education as a corner stone for success, the school would very much like to partner with other schools abroad to allow the students to share their cultural experiences and daily life – while broadening their own horizons.

PPC was delighted to be able to connect volunteer Frazer Tessema (Ethiopian) from the USA who spent part of his summer in 2011 working with the students and bringing with him generous donations for the school library.


In 2013 Ethiopian Bilen Shifferaw (from London) came to volunteer here through PPC and was loved by all her students!


“Me with my Grade 4 Students at My Little Angels School. After receiving their grades. They all put their pocket money together to treat the teachers to cake and drink. Melted my heart”

In 2013 My Little Angels 8th grade class came first out of all schools in Addis Ababa in a government competition in all subjects – we are so proud of this wonderful achievement!

In 2014 out of 40 participating schools in their district of Arada, they came Second in a Science Fair!

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