Lideta Community Library and Resource Center for Students

As part of our registration here in Ethiopia, Project Pencil Case has specifically been assigned the area of Addis Ababa known as Lideta Sub City to fundraise for.

Lideta is part of the Mercato (Africas largest market place) and is densely populated with most of its residents living in extreme poverty.  In addition to helping supply students with Pencil Cases and schools with material needs such as furniture and books, we are also fundraising for a new Community Center.  The government has provided Lideta with this spacious three floor structure and once it is furnished they will also provide staffing.  However, it is up to the Community to raise funds for  this facility – PPC is committed to raising funds for books, shelves, tables, chairs, wall decorations and more! Other local NGO’s will also raise funds to include feeding programs so that students may also be assured of a nutritious meal while at the center which will be open every day of the week.

This center has wonderful potential  and Pencil Case is extremely enthusiastic about this project! Once it is ready (our goal is September 2013!!) it will serve the needs of around 6 area elementary schools (grades one – eight) and provide a safe environment and facility for vulnerable students to partake in reading, academic and homework activities.  These students are from impoverished backgrounds, either orphans or from single family backgrounds many of whose families are unable to afford the basics for these students such as uniforms, pencil cases and exercise books…

Project Pencil Case has kickstarted fundraising by providing the Center with Tables and Chairs but there is lots more to be done. Project Pencil Case has already raised funds and has been able to supply the building with tables and chairs. Project Pencil Case uses local suppliers for all items we fund for which helps to support the local economy.

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