Fregenet Foundation School

Tafesse Woubshet accepting a cash donation from Project Pencil Case

URGENT APPEAL: August 2010:

The landowner of the school  wants to sell the land which the school wants to buy, but the funds required for this purchase are high and are urgently requiredIf you can help with a fundraising project, please contact me!

The Fregenet Foundation was founded in loving memory of Fregenet  Tafesse Woubshet. Fregenet was a young Ethiopian graduate who tragically died before fulfilling her life long dream of helping the needy children of Ethiopia.  In her memory and in the neighbourhood of Addis Ababa where she was born and spent the early years of her life, her father Tafesse Woubshet  has opened the Fregenet Kidan Lehitsanat Primary School .  The school caters specifically to the children of poor families unable to pay any tuition fees, but who have a thirst for knowledge and a willing to succeed in school.

To help this excellent foundation achieve its goal, it has established a Student-Sponsor program for $25 or £15 per month.  This money will pay for the entire cost of tuition for one student – donors may pay monthly or annually or provide a one-off sum.

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