Enat Ethiopia Primary School

Enat Ethiopia Primary Public School is located in the Mola Maru  district of Addis Ababa in one of the most densely populated and poorest districts of Addis Ababa. This part of Addis is pulsating with life as part of the large Mercato (Africa’s largest market) district and where families live in shanty towns, usually one or two room facilities with shared kitchens and toilets.
The school has 600 students from 1st through 8th grade. Project Pencil Case has supplied pencil cases to this school and uniforms for students whose families could not afford to reply.  Having his or her own uniform significantly raises the self esteem of a student from a poor background and can be the defining factor whether this student chooses to stay in school or drop out.
In November 2011 we supplied pencil cases for students and provided uniforms (taking students to be fitted) for students who had none.
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