Birhan Guzo Primary School

Birhan Guzo Primary School has around 900 students, many of whom are orphans or from HIV/Aids families.  This school is an inspirational vision of hope and endurance due to the commitment and caring philosophy of the Principal Ato Biniyam Gessese.

The children are from  impoverished backgrounds and many with tragic family situations, that they are unable to bring with them a simple packed lunch which the School Director took note of and contacted Plan International to enroll the school in a feeding program.Thanks to his care and attention to the individual needs of his students, Plan International now supply lunches to these students.

The school is located in an old and historic part of Addis called Kazanchis populated by Italians during their brief occupation and thus given an Italian name.  Italian bakeries and shops still operate in the area some run by family descendants. The grounds of the school once belonged to the Ethiopian aristocracy under the Imperial Regime and the remains of a stone arch from those days still remain!

The school receives basic funding from the local government as do all government schools but this does not cover all the schools expenses by any means.  The school library has to double as a classroom and has just a few shelves of books, mainly text books with very few fiction books……

PPC has been able to provide volunteers to help students with English Conversation and multiple pencil cases to the most needy students.

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