Many Ethiopian students start school without the basic supplies they need and Pencil Cases are considered luxury items, for most students which most families are unable to afford. Kids will usually have one pencil or pen. PPC pencil cases are produced by social enterprise partner Arakele.

Because Ethiopia is far away and shipping costs are high, we prefer to receive the funds and in addition to the pencil cases being locally produced, most materials can be purchased locally which helps support the local economy.

Pencil Case contents include the following items:

Two Pens
One Eraser
One Sharpener
Two Lead Pencils
One Six Inch Ruler or Folding 12 inch ruler (to fit into pencil case)
Assorted Coloured Pencils/Crayons
Optional Extras: stickers, small notebooks

If your school or group is interested in hosting a fund raising event or collection for Project Pencil Case please do get in touch by clicking this link  Contact

Cash donations are also gratefully received through Paypal which is our preferred method of payment (see DONATE button below) and will be used to purchase school supplies on site in Addis Ababa (which helps support the local economy). Or for Bank Details – please see DONATE page

The cost for one pencil case with contents for a child in Ethiopia costs only £5

They are produced by our partner  Arakele Fashion Design College  here in Addis using sturdy locally sourced material with a zip.

FullSizeRender (2)

Please specify PENCIL CASE/S on the payment form – thank you

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