PPC now sells beautiful Fair Trade Ethiopian Crafts that  you can order online – ethically sourced from local cooperatives or designers in Ethiopia.  Every purchase will not only help to support the cooperatives and craftsmen and women who produce the items as a means of livelihood but  will also help support the work of Project Pencil Case and starting at just £10 (including post and packing) will help to provide a student with a pencil case or £15 (including post and packing) for a uniform for a needy primary school student here in Addis Ababa or Tigray region, where PPC works.

Items can be directly shipped to anyone anywhere in the world with a PPC card enclosed to celebrate any occasion!

Select an item and pay for the items using the Donate button below and on the Message part of the payment form, you may include your order.

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You may safely pay for items from anywhere in the world conveniently and securely via PayPal! Please allow 10-14 days for shipping.

These multi colour and multi purposes cases are made by Fair Trade Embroidery and Sewing Cooperatives of Women in Addis Ababa – they measure 9 inches x 6 inches with a secure velcro fastening and a silky quilted lining. Ideal for cosmetics, personal items, jewellery, notebook and pen, travel documents, pens and pencils – multiple uses! The women recycle fabric remnants which would otherwise go to waste. Colours and designs can vary.  Each case costs £10 and  the purchase of one will  ………..

…. Provide a child here in Ethiopia with a pencil case filled with all the school year essentials – which most children in the west take for granted but which for many underprivileged students are considered luxury items here in Ethiopia…..

Or choose a delightful hand crafted animal made from natural wool or handcrafted from a single piece of Ethiopian wood for £5. You can create a “Noah’s Ark” and select your choice of up to 5 animals in one handwoven basket for an additional £15!

If you purchase an item for £15 such as a beautiful pashmina scarf in two tone colours (colours do vary but you may choose almost any colour combination) or one with a traditional Ethiopian border made from pure cotton  or a cotton/viscose  blend….

A student in need will receive a uniform……

The following items are also available for sale for £15

Purchase of these items will also help support income generating activities of these hard working and skilled individuals:…..

PPC is also very pleased to be highlighting the craftsmanship and selling selected Ethiopian Cultural clothing from facebook.com/EnquiesCollection  – when people order and quote PPC, Enquie’s Collection donates 10% of funds received to the work of Project Pencil Case!