Arakele Fashion Design College

Project Pencil Case (since 2009) is delighted to work in partnership with Social Enterprise Arakele Fashion Design College plc  (since 2014) – an Ethiopian registered Small Business Providing Training in Sewing and  Design to  Ethiopian Women – helping to improve lives and create sustainable opportunities.

Targeted marginalised women  have received scholarship training through Arakele have including school girls who have failed 10th grade and 12th grade (also enabling them to attend night school so that they can retake their failed National exams), refugees from neighbouring countries including Somalia and Eritrea and women rescued from trafficking and case by case students who yearn to learn but lack the resources….

Arakele is now producing School Uniforms and Pencil Cases. Providing a student through Project Pencil Case with a Uniform and Pencil Case will also enable Arakele to offer ongoing scholarship tuition. Many school students lack these basic essentials as their families are unable to afford them.

Arakele Fashion Design College is  fully equipped and staffed and has been rated as  a “Model Center of learning”  – providing professional training in sewing (traditional and modern) including pattern design and providing trainees with the necessary skills to produce a variety of items.

Arakele and Project Pencil Case are proud to support the local Ethiopian economy by sourcing all materials and machinery locally (when possible) as well as employing and empowering Ethiopians.

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You may safely pay from anywhere in the world conveniently and securely via PayPal!  You may also contact us regarding direct payment into a UK or USA Bank Account.

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