We are a small grass roots and registered charity working to provide basic material needs for primary schools and students in Ethiopia.

Most students start school with one single pencil which they can not afford to replace….

PPC fundraises to be able to provide these students with fully equipped pencil cases for students plus uniforms – basic items for students in the western world but luxuries for some students in Ethiopia…

We have a number of valuable but simple fundraising initiatives to suggest that your class or school could do for Project Pencil Case:


Your school could have a used clothing stand/stall – every student could bring in one outgrown or gently used clothing item to raise funds to provide students with uniforms.


Students and teachers could wear clothes with the colours green, yellow and/or red (the Ethiopian flag colours) to show their support and bring in money to raise funds for the projects above.

These are all easy-to-run and simple fundraising suggestions to help PPC. They also help to create and stimulate global awareness about other student’s lives and needs.

A little fundraising here goes a long way towards helping enhance the lives and schools of Ethiopian students…

There are numerous ways you can support the work of Project Pencil Case and make an immediate difference and improvement to the life of an Ethiopian school child.

PPC sources all items locally to help support the local economy and to avoid costly shipping charges which is money better spent locally.

PPC is  based in Addis Ababa and works with both urban and rural students and schools. Funds raised from suggestions above can go towards:

  • Pencil Cases £5 and Back Packs £15
  • Uniforms for Student:  £30

You may donate from anywhere in the world conveniently and securely via PayPal!

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