Lulit Samson

Lulit Samson (Ethiopian/American) became interested in the work of Project Pencil Case as a little girl.


When I began distributing pencil cases randomly to students on the streets of Addis Ababa in 2009, Lulit herself an elementary school child in Addis Ababa, became very interested in providing basic school supplies to underprivileged students and was keen to participate in this early Project Pencil Case activity. Together we distributed pencil cases to many needy children in her neighbourhood.


Over the next few years, Lulit helped Project Pencil Case develop with local fund raising initiatives and remained committed to the PPC causes.

She helped sell pencil cases and fabric bags produced by local Ethiopian women as income generating activities, funds from which were used to provide underprivileged students with school supplies.  Lulit recognised that she had a privileged upbringing compared to the many underprivileged students she observed on the streets of Addis Ababa and she felt a genuine sense of compassion and consideration for those less fortunate.

Lulite enjoys baking and has used these skills to help raise funds for school community service projects. Additional school related activities have included providing clothing to needy children and helping in feeding programs.





Now that Lulit has returned to the USA (where she was born) to attend middle and high school, PPC looks forward to her continued role as Student Ambassador and now promoting the need for basic school materials for less fortunate students in Ethiopia to her new school community.