-Schools helping Schools!

We are a small grass roots and registered charity working to provide basic material needs for primary schools and students in Ethiopia.

Most students start school with one single pencil which they can not afford to replace….

PPC fundraises to be able to provide these students with not just more pencils but fully equipped pencil cases for each student for the school year ahead plus uniforms – basic items for students in the western world but luxuries for students in Ethiopia…

PPC also assesses needs and fundraises to provide schools with other vital resources including books and shelves for often virtually empty libraries, blackboards and desks and chairs for classrooms (to replace wooden stumps used for seating)….

We have a number of valuable but simple fundraising initiatives to suggest that your class or school could do for Project Pencil Case:


Help provide a school with a start up library of fiction and reference books including shelving.

  • SUGGESTION: Your school could create a used book stand/stall to be able to provide a school with these items – every student could be asked to bring in one gently used book they have read to help raise funds to start a school library in Ethiopia.


It costs just £15 to provide one student in Ethiopia with his or her own uniform, which many families here are simply unable to afford.

  • SUGGESTION:  Your school could have a used clothing stand/stall – every student could bring in one outgrown or gently used clothing item to raise funds to provide students with uniforms.


  • PPC also sells colourful and practical Fair Trade pencil cases made in Ethiopia  – it costs PPC around £10/$15 to provide a child in Ethiopia with one of these cases filled with all the essentials and contribute to the livelihood of the local women who make these pencil cases to support their families;
  • Every £10/$15 raised provides a child in Ethiopia with his or her very own first pencil case in Ethiopia and UK students who buy one will be helping to promote the cause of PPC.


Students and teachers could wear clothes with the colours green, yellow and/or red (the Ethiopian flag colours) to show their support and bring in money to raise funds for the projects above.

These are all easy-to-run and simple fundraising suggestions to help PPC. They also help to create and stimulate global awareness about other student’s lives and needs.

Schools that help PPC will know directly how and who they are helping in Ethiopia – full reports will be provided

A little fundraising here goes a long way towards helping enhance the lives and schools of Ethiopian students…