-PPC Funding Projects

There are so many ways you can support the work of Project Pencil Case and make an immediate difference and improvement to the life of an Ethiopian school child.

From pencil cases to furnishing a classroom or school library! PPC sources all items locally to help support the local economy and to avoid costly shipping charges which is money better spent locally. PPC is  based in Addis Ababa and works with both urban and rural students and schools.

  • Pencil Cases £5 each ($8 or 6 Euros) – locally made and filled
  • Backpack for Student: £10 ($16 or 12 Euros) – locally made


  • Blackboard:  £15
  • Uniform for Student:  £20
  • Starter Library (Amharic and English) of books in English and Amharic – selection of academic and fiction books: £15 per 100 books
  • Exercise Books for School Year for Student (12): £40
  • Desk and seating for 3-4 students: £50

You may donate from anywhere in the world conveniently and securely via PayPal! 

For motorcyclists booking with Africa Riding Adventures Tours, you may also donate through Africa Riding Adventures either in local currency or at time of booking your tour.