-Corporate Sponsorship

PROJECT PENCIL CASE and Corporate Support – whether Large or Small, One Time Donation or On Going Commitment!

There are numerous ways your company can help.

Corporate support can mean anything from a one-off donation to a long-term commitment.

The goal for Project Pencil Case is to supply at least 5000 students in need with basic pencil cases over the course of the school year (10 months).

Mtaterials are sourced locally and Pencil Cases are produced locally and Uniforms by  ARAKELE VOCATIONAL TRAINING as part of the students training and the CSG of Arakele towards PPC.

Each of the schools that these students attend always need additional or updated material support to enhance the teaching they can provide such as more books, shelves, desks and chairs for students, feeding programs uniforms and more…

Donations or support for these projects are what we welcome too – please get in touch for more information!

You may safely pay conveniently and securely via PayPal! 

Click this link to send PPC an e-mail to set up a standing order or to receive our online charity bank account details


Why become a Corporate Partner?

Corporate Sponsorship can play a vital role in achieving the mission and vision of Project Pencil Case and it is a mutually beneficial relationship.  Partnering with or assisting Project Pencil Case will be recognized as being socially responsible and you will be associated with helping schools and students in one of the poorest countries in the world.  Your company link and profile will appear on the PPC website.

Support may be financial but it might also be practical with the distribution of donated materials in some cases related to your company.  If you are involved in Sports for example , you might consider donating footballs or related clothing items.  Or if you are in education or printing, you might choose to  donate books or notebooks or pencils….

Whatever you choose to give, I can assure you that the need here is enormous and ongoing and whatever your business can provide whether financial or material will be well received and managed in the best possible way with local staff working on site!

Thank you!