Consider coming to Addis Ababa -the bustling and vibrant capital of Ethiopia, or the ancient northern historical town of Axum, the Unesco Beauty spot of the Simien Mountains or beautiful Bahir Dar on Lake Tana – you can help support schools through Project Pencil Case!

Read more on the page about  VOLUNTEER TOURISM – Your Value as a Volunteer  in Ethiopia!

Within Addis, we primarily offer ethical and off the beaten track shopping tours.

Our half or full day trips take you to off the beaten track artisan workshops where you can buy directly from source and observe products being produced including cotton being spun, scarves and other products being woven or embroidered, earrings being hand crafted, woollen carpets being woven and more ….

Project Pencil fully supports eco tourism and is committed to using services and products that directly help benefit local communities.

For further afield trips within Ethiopia we work with  local Ethiopian and well regarded Tour Services and with them can help you devise a trip specifically suited to your interests. You could consider combining a trip to the Historical North including some volunteering for example!

Please Contact us for further and full information!