Children inevitably suffer in conflicts – they are displaced, often orphaned, injured (including losing limbs) they can become homeless and they are unable to attend school – the upheaval in their lives is unimaginable and hunger becomes a very real problem for these children caught up in war….

Since November 2020 the citizens from the northern region of Ethiopia Tigray have been caught up in a terrible war. Adults and children are literally starving….

PPC has begun working with a trusted local partner in the region to feed malnourished children.

It costs 4 gbp per week (16 gbp per month/23 usd) to provide a malnourished child with Milk and Famix a grain (maize, wheat, soya bean) based cereal enriched with vitamins mixed with water and oil and served like porridge.

The local partner has been in Ethiopia since 1927 with their sole mission to serve the most disadvantaged. They have a long track record in helping communities survive conflict and drought. They buy the food, prepare the food and deliver or serve the food directly to those who need it.

Donate Directly:

If you would prefer to make a donation deposit to our Project Pencil Case UK Bank account:

The Co-Operative Bank

Name of Account: Project Pencil Case

Account Number: 65529335

Sort Code: 08-92-99

For deposits from overseas:

IBAN – GB70 CPBK 089299 65529335


Please kindly send us an email when you do make a deposit

June 2021: “About 33,000 severely malnourished children in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are at high risk of death, the UN children’s agency Unicef has warned.Tigray has been devastated by fighting with 1.7 million people displaced since the conflict began in November 2020″.

The situation is extremely dire – please do kindly consider donating any amount …..

Tigray Children (pre conflict)

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